The chairman of the Standing Committee of People's Congress of Jiading District, Lian Zhenghua, visited our company with his team and conduct the investigation

Release Time:2024-03-28

On the morning of March 20, 2024, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Jiading District, Lian Zhenghua, leading the supervisor of the District Economic Commission, Secretary of Waigang Town, Li Xue, and other leaders, visited our company for investigation. General Manager Yang Xiaofeng and companys senior leaders received them.

Director Lian Zhenghua listened to the development process and operation situation of Seeyao. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on the issues of product competitiveness and market environment. Director Lian Zhenghua encouraged the company to enhance confidence, strengthen its own advantages, accurately grasp the industrys development trend, improve the core competitiveness of the relevant industrial chain, and continue to promote scientific and technological innovation.

General Manager Yang Xiaofeng fully agreed with Director Lian Zhenghua's suggestions, and also expressed his gratitude to the investigation og Jiading District. Seeyao will further improve the development level, seize opportunities, deeply cultivate advantageous fields, and make greater contributions to Jiading District and Waigang Town.

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