2024 Staff Conference and 2023 Outstanding Staff Recognition Conference

Release Time:2024-02-04

On the afternoon of January 26, 2024, Seeyao held the "2024 Staff Meeting and 2023 Outstanding Staff Recognition Conference".

The conference commended the outstanding employees in 2023, and awarded honorary certificates to the 26 outstanding employees. Innovation promotion Department’s member, Cheng Zhishan, as the representative of excellent staff, he made his speech and shared his work summary in 2023.

Wang Yonghe, the assistant to the general manager and director of the Technology Center, summarized and reviewed the work of the Technology Center in 2023 from three aspects of "innovation, process and promotion", and looked forward to the future work in the New Year.

Chen Wei, the deputy secretary of the Party branch of Seeyao and the minister of Human Resources, summarized the key work of party building and human resources in 2023.
The general Manager Yang Xiaofeng, summarized company’s operation in 2023, affirmed the work performance of each department, pointed out the shortcomings in the work, and formulated the key work goals in 2024. Hoping all the staff can be energetic and vigorous, maintain the high concentration, keep surging forward with dragon’s momentum, and move forward without worry or fear in 2024.

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