Seeyao LED sealed test workshop passed Forvia Hella system audit successfully

Release Time:2023-12-11

From 27th to 29th, Nov 2023, Forvia Hella German audit experts Dr. Uwe Berger &Dr. Matthias Ogonda and Hella’s Shanghai and Nanjing expert representatives, with the accompany of lumileds Shanghai team, a 3-day on-site system audit was conducted for Seeyao LED closed test workshop, and the supplier audit was passed successfully under our joint efforts.

During the audit process, the auditors of Forvia Hella highly recognized Seeyao teams unremitting efforts and hoped to keep strengthening companiesfuture cooperation to achieve better results. Seeyao appreciates Forvia Hella’s guidance and lumileds’ help, and Seeyao will repay our customers with best-qualified products and continuous service.

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