"Prevention in advance, put life at first" fire safety drill

Release Time:2023-11-20

In order to comprehensively improve company’s fire safety prevention awareness and the ability on dealing sudden fire accidents, the company organized the "Prevention in advance, put life at first" fire month theme activities. On the morning of November 17, Jiading Wangxin Fire Detachment was invited to our company to jointly carry out fire safety drills.

This fire drill was divided into safety knowledge training, fire equipment application, ladder rescue, fire station equipment usage training and other links.

At the drill site, the firefighters combined with the actual work, operation and explanation, explained in detail how to calmly respond to the fire, how to fight the fire, and how to escape once trapped in the fire site, and demonstrated the use of equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses and air breathing apparatus. Employees could understand and learn a lot from listening and operating. After that, the firefighters trained the enterprise volunteer fire brigade on the use of micro fire station equipment, and guided the company in the configuration of micro station equipment, fire patrol and fire publicity and education.

Through this fire drill activity, the fire safety awareness of employees had been enhanced, and the operation steps and methods of general fire extinguishing equipment had been mastered, further improving the ability of employees to cope with emergencies, and the drill has achieved the expected effect.

Let us work and promote together to build a safe and harmonious social environment!

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