"Prevention in advance, Put life at first" 119 fire evacuation drill

Release Time:2023-11-09

This year is the 32nd "119 Fire Publicity Day" in China. In order to further strengthen our employees’ ability on sudden fire accidents’ reaction, Seeyao is always working to make the employees get familiar with the fire safety skills and improve fire safety awareness. On the morning of November 9, our company carried out a fire evacuation and escape drill for all employees. Before the event, the security department issued the drill plan in advance, when the alarm was sounded in the factory area, the employees in each area quickly evacuated the scene in accordance with the planned evacuation route in an orderly manner, and arrived at the designated assembly point. After the drill, Mr. Yang made on-site comments on the drill, and he expressed his appreciation for the employees' active cooperation and good response.

After the drill, the working group also held a meeting to discuss the drill, and summarized the details of the preparation work before the drill, the assignment of personnel during the drill, and the time control of the drill. This discussion not only found out the problems during the drill in time, but also continuously improve the drill plan.

Through this drill, we learned more deeply about the importance of staying calm and acting quickly in an emergency. Meanwhile, we were also aware of the need on strengthening safety awareness in daily work. Only putting safety in the first place could create a safer and more harmonious working environment for companys steady development.

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